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If you are new to this blog, I would recommend that you have a perusal around to see what jumps out to you and perks your interest. Just click around and have a look.

Under the "All Articles" tab, (unsurprisingly) are all of the articles I have written. They are split into different categories. "a thousand words on" is a series of articles I have nearly completed (I'm aiming for 50!) where I explore the ideas of self-improvement, philosophy and how to live a good life, though the distinction between those topics is largely blurred at this point. But rest assured that all of those themes arise again and again throughout.

There is also an "other articles" section, which I will soon be expanding out into several other sections, namely, "a short, simple and practical guide" series, as well as others, but have a look for now anyway!

I'd also recommend having a scan of the "Brain Food" section as well, for some ideas of good books to read and other inspiring media.

And as always, don't be afraid to leave a comment or send a message with suggestions of articles you might like to see written in the future, or of any inspiring "Brain Food" you think should be added to the list!



Most Popular..


If you don't fancy digging through the "archive", then feel free to have a look at the most popular articles on the site, listed below, for your convenience!


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